New Routes

New Routes

As part of a new government plan to reduce persistent re-offending amongst young males aged 16-25, numerous organisations were selected from the voluntary sector to come together as a public social partnership (PSP) and support these young people in a mentoring capacity. The PSP is a pilot project and initially funded till March 2015. The organisations involved in the partnership have a wealth of experience in dealing with various issues such as family breakdown, addictions and mental health. Within the PSP we are a specialist delivery partner in terms of working with Black Minority Ethnic (BME) as we have vast experience of working with this particular group.

Our Mentor at YCSA is experienced in various disciplines such as Mediation, Mentoring, CBT, Drug and Alcohol prevention and Personal Development which places him well to tackle these issues and support young people in reaching a positive destination. Throughout the process we equip our young people to deal with their issues using skills that they develop over the process, thus making them active and productive citizens.

This service is offered to those who fit the criteria set by the government and therefore we are unable take referrals from any other agencies. The Mentoring engagement begins whilst the individual is carrying out his sentence and continuing for a further six months in their respective communities. The type of work undertaken is varied and tailored to each client’s needs after initial meeting and agreed by both parties.

To date we have worked with 17 young people who have made positive changes in their lives and continue to work on identified root causes and issues that have caused them to re-offend.

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