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We are constantly learning…life long, life wide and in a way individual to ourselves but sometimes we might find we have missed out on learning to learn in some areas.  We might find that something which we think is easy for others to do is difficult for us and so feel nervous, stressed or annoyed with ourselves and others around us.  We might find that this holds us back in life and can lead to negative effects on how we act and feel towards ourselves and others.

Literacy, Numeracy and Communication difficulties can have an immensely damaging effect on the social, educational and employment opportunities open to us.  Without these skills we can often feel cut off from important areas of life and face a negative impact on our emotional wellbeing in general.  It can be an incredibly difficult thing to admit to ourselves and others that we need help and support but once we take that step so many opportunities open up to us.  We understand this and make it our aim that we support should be allowed the potential to reach positive outcomes and goals in all areas of their lives, be that in personal, employment, education, family and social contexts.

Our Literacy and Numeracy service provides citywide specialist literacy support through innovative and engaging methods to 16-25 year olds from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities.

Our friendly, non-judgemental, creative support and guidance allows young people to build their confidence, communication skills and self esteem through building their skills in reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, computing and English alongside lifeskills, values, goal analysing, and cultural awareness.

By utilising existing skills, knowledge, understanding, and interests coupled with creative methods of engagement, skillbuilding and a friendly, informal, contemporary approach to learning we aim to keep learning interesting.

We use engaging learning methods to suit all levels based around areas such as:

  • Computers, internet and digital media
  • Ipads and tablets
  • Comics and graphic novels
  • Music and art
  • Health, Sport and gym
  • Cooking
  • Environment
  • Culture and cultural visits
  • Movie and music reviews
  • Digital storytelling
  • Photography
  • Events going on in the city
  • Blogging
  • Leadership
  • Entrepeneurship
  • Driving theory
  • Budgeting and independent living skills
  • Jobskills, CV writing, job applications

We provide workshops on these various topics and others at various times throughout the year.  Details of these will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

Our expert and experienced staff have been recognised citywide and in Europe as providing specialist and engaging support to young people on the basis of flexible one to one and group sessions.

If you would like support, would like to find out more about our service and what we are doing in your area or would just like a chat contact us on

Tel: 0141 420 6600