Client Quotes


I’ve had deep conversations with the development worker. It’s calmed me down and made me think about my release. I’ve grown up. I see things from a different point of view and I’ve started doing some courses for when I get out.

Young offender in Polmont YOI


YCSA were a really big help in getting me into a job when I came out. I wouldn’t have managed it without them.



My family wrote me off when I was sent to Polmont. Thanks to YCSA, I’m now back in touch with my family.

Young offender in Polmont YOI


The development worker came to visit us, kept us informed and always did what he said he would do. That was really important for my mum and dad. For my brother, the development worker was like a role model. He’s really changed and now gets on with other family members.

Sister of ex-offender


When I went to Polmont, I wasn’t in touch with my family. Now, I’ve been out for 9 months, and I’m working in my dad’s business. The development worker was like a tutor/counsellor to me.



I enjoyed all the problem solving, I like how I am shown how to break problems down and it taught me how to solve problems and see how simple things can really be; I enjoy how everyone takes part in the group.

Young offender in Polmont YOI


Learning new skills for life outside

Young offender in Polmont YOI


Having someone listen to your problems

Young offender in Polmont YOI


I like the group because I learn more things

Young offender in Polmont YOI


For some reason the young person seems to be happier working with you and your service rather with us

Social Worker of a young offender

I want to thank YCSA because you helped me a lot to gain interviews and prepare for work thank you so much.

YCSA helped me to realise my potential in the world of work and gave me the confidence I need by pointing out my skills and qualities.

YCSA supports me with filling out application forms and building my CV.

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