Why ‘Represent’?


The idea behind ‘Represent’ originated from the roots of Hip hop culture where you are encouraged to represent where you are from, your community and what you stand for. This was a great opportunity to develop a program which creates a platform for young people to do exactly that through creative and digital means.

It allows young people to reach their potential by giving them a voice and access to tools they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to work with. In order to express themselves creatively they are put in a position where they have to gain technical experience in working with digital media equipment to create their content. I think this is helpful in a number of ways because if they feel ownership of their work, they develop the type of confidence that assures them they can achieve great things and choose career paths that they otherwise might have felt was too complex to progress into.

I personally have a passion for the culture and enjoy seeing youth breaking barriers so I am very happy to be able to provide an opportunity for those that will benefit from it and in turn help other people.

Overall, I think it empowers young people with the belief that they can do things they are interested in and are able to develop skills to work towards their aspirations.

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