We’re Hiring!

YCSA are recruiting for the following post:

Role: Youth Development Assistant

Salary: £8.75 per hour

Duration: 25 hours per week

Base: YCSA office at 48 Darnley Street, Glasgow, G41 2SE

YCSA are looking for dedicated and motivated individuals to join our team.  We are hoping to increase the range of activities available for BME youth in Glasgow and overcome barriers many of them face in moving towards a positive future.

The successful candidate will need to be able to build relationships with vulnerable and difficult to connect with young people, aged between 12 – 25, from ethnic minority backgrounds and support the development and facilitation of projects delivered at YCSA offices and elsewhere to improve young people’s opportunities in education, employment and social contexts.

Projects and workshops will utilise creative engagements such as sport, music, art, film making, and other expressive mediums and will promote self- development and access to further opportunities whilst looking at a range of issues affecting young people such as communication difficulties (literacy and English), lack of aspiration/employment skills, conflict, anger management, radicalisation, sectarianism, online safety, relationships, goal setting and personal development.

This post is funded for 1 year through Community Jobs Scotland. Only unemployed people aged 16 – 29 are eligible to apply. Contact your Job Centre or Skills Development Scotland to access a CJS application form. Information also available on http://jobs.scvo.org.uk

The deadline to apply for this job is the 21st of June 2018

YCSA is an equal opportunity employer and is determined to ensure that applicants are treated equally, regardless of their sex, gender re-assignment, age, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity, marital status, or race.


Tel: 0141 420 6600
Email: enquiries@ycsa.org.uk

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