Volunteering Experience at YCSA by Rimsha

As a volunteer at YCSA for more than three years, I have developed a variety of skills as well as qualities which have helped me grow into the person I am today.

Being part of the youth panel was a privilege as it helped me develop a voice and raise it about the issues, we as young people face in society today.

Three years ago, I was self centred and irresponsible not grasping in what was going on around me. Volunteering and being part of the youth panel opened my eyes to the issues young people from BME backgrounds were facing. Meeting with these young people only made me more determined to raise my voice and help them develop theirs. It was the significant realisation of the harsh reality we faced; which drove youth panel members to take part and create projects. These projects were made to develop young people’s skills, value themselves as individuals who have the strength to develop their full potential.

I’ve learned many skills such as communication, leadership, creative and writing. These skills are not only used for volunteering, they are very useful to me in my everyday life. As a social services student and someone who will be looking for work in the future, I applied these skills as they improved my practice and provided excellent results. I will now be progressing to Uni and this is a result of the work that was put in while volunteering and doing placement at YCSA.

I have become a determined individual who puts others needs before my own. The work we have done has me realised how lucky we are to have had the opportunities to have a stable happy life. The work we have done and are hoping to do ensures others are able to have the same.

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