Kamila Talks about the YCSA Get In:Formation Ladies Group

CAD Workshop-3

In the month of September I had a great opportunity to participate in project “Get In: Formation Ladies” at YCSA. With other young girls, I took part in interesting activities in the artistic field (woodcarving, painting) and technological field (new media, video making etc).

I decided to participate in these workshops, because I wanted to speak in English with another people. I didn’t expect that the artistic and media’s activities could be so interesting! Thanks to our trainers, I learnt a lot of practical things and I found creative part of myself. I think that the most important aspect of this project is a fact, that young girls had an opportunity to do something together. I met fantastic girls, who can be an inspiration for everyone.

The trainers and YCSA staff were always prepared to work with participants and to answer for all our questions about new media, art or English grammar. Definitely, after my participation in these workshops, I felt more motivated and happy.

Thanks to YCSA staff for an opportunity to participate in this project, which gave me a lot of inspiration, motivation and new ideas. I hope to see you all in the future!

Tel: 0141 420 6600
Email: enquiries@ycsa.org.uk

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