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Last weekend, ten of us piled into the mini bus and headed over to the BBC for a guided tour.  We had the opportunity to sit at the news desk, practise using a green screen and explore the building.  It was fantastic to spend time together and get to see behind the scenes.   One of the regular YCSA Film Club attendees Fortune Eneh went on the tour of the BBC and had the following to say:

“I liked both the view outside the BBC and also the inside of the building.  My favourite part of the tour was seeing the news studio and seeing the lights, the cameras and the weather map on the screen.  The guide was good and there was a nice café as well!  It was my first time at the BBC and I did not expect the security and imagined the studios would be bigger.   I would recommend others to see the BBC because if you are interested in working in the media like myself who is interested in radio then it is good to go see the BBC to learn about it”

Showing off our weather presenting skills!

Presenting the news
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