Ctrl Alt Delete

Ctrl Alt Del is YCSA’s reboot programme to reduce social exclusion and poverty.  The programme aims to support and empower young BME people, aged 16 – 25, to take control of their lives, identify barriers to themselves and their community and, in deleting those barriers, find alternatives towards positive destinations.

Support is based around education, employment and social contexts to empower young people to become confident individuals, effective contributors and volunteers, successful learners and responsible citizens.  Through embracing their strengths and targeting specific needs they will reduce social isolation, discrimination and anti-social behaviour whilst increasing opportunities, raising aspirations and community engagement thus having an overall positive impact on mental well being.

We use creative group programmes around areas such as music, art, film making, cookery, computer skills, graphic design and provide programmes and workshops to develop skills in employability, budgeting, literacy and English, ensuring that support is as engaging and relative as possible.

Each young person engaging with our service receives a dedicated worker to provide intensive one to one support for each young person to be empowered to work towards their goals.

Tel: 0141 420 6600
Email: enquiries@ycsa.org.uk