Our Team


Katya Allcott – Office and Volunteer Manager

Katya is our Office and Volunteer Manager. After she completed her theatre studies degree in 2013, she decided to continue to volunteer at various events, developing the work she had done with the student union’s events committee. It was through this voluntary work where she discovered that her passion lay in working with volunteers. She was appointed the role of Office and Volunteer Manager in 2015 and is enthusiastic to embrace all aspects of working with young people. Since starting her role at YCSA she has completed various training and is excited to be beginning a career in this field. She loves to stay active and is always attending various dance and fitness classes.

Steven Redmond – Counsellor

Steven is our Counsellor and is a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist having completed the SCOTACS Diploma in CBT and Groupwork, the COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills and who is currently studying a PDA Course in teaching mindfulness to young adults. (Too many) Years spent working in various sectors whilst pursuing a career in music saw Steven study an eclectic mix of academic topics including a HND in Music Performance & Promotion, HNC Sound & Video production, HNC Print sales and Marketing and a HNC fine Bookbinding. In his spare time Steven enjoys listening to music, going to gigs and playing guitar. He also enjoys maintaining his Spanish speaking skills as well as Practising Mindfulness in his spare time and trying to keep fit.

Clare McBrien – Programme Lead

After spending too much time studying Spanish verbs, Clare left university to play music, travel and work for various creative and third sector organisations. On return from her dream trip from Colombia to Cuba in 2015, she joined YCSA as an Outreach, then a Development worker. She enjoys working with people through creative processes to give them the opportunity to understand themselves and to be heard. At YCSA, she spends her time facilitating workshops, developing partnerships, and supporting young people on a one to one basis so that they may overcome barriers they face and feel empowered to live their best life. When not in the office, you might find Clare with her nose in a book or out and about with friends.

Neil Girvan – Development Worker

After working for a local charity in Kenya, Neil returned to Glasgow where he worked in a children’s residential unit for Quarriers where he saw first-hand the challenges young people faced from an early age. He went on to train as an actor before travelling to France to get back in touch with his family’s roots while managing retail stores in Paris. After a couple of years he returned to Glasgow to pursue work that was closer to his heart. For the past year he has been working as a youth caseworker for the British Red Cross. Neil carries with him a message the people of Kenya gave him to take wherever he goes: ‘Kidogo kidogo, hujaza kibaba’ which translates as “little by little the container gets filled”.

Ashkan Farzan – Project Worker

Ash is classed as the master of the class What class is that? The secret master class The technique knower you don’t speak over Flexing with experts, never the mediocre Digital decoder, pro gadget holder Don’t be peeking at notes in his folder The perfect candidate, the man is compassionate Frictionless creativity like a break-dancer on laminate To empower, gotta have balance of course After building trust he challenges and supports Got plenty credentials to bring out the potential You know the ability to respond is essential To summarise, he respects everyone as equals Always pushing barriers for young people

Ian Hamilton – Project Worker

Hailing from Barnhill in Dundee, via Edinburgh (as a student), Ian has a background in media studies and most recently a Post Graduate Diploma in Community Learning and Development. After several years of working in retail by day and being a singer songwriter guitarist at night, Ian studied Community Learning and Development at The University of Glasgow. He began at YCSA as a volunteer on a film making project he has joined the ranks as a project worker with the Ctrl Alt Delete team. Still playing the guitar, writing songs and as a keen Dundee United supporter Ian is happy to talk about football, music and the meaning of life!

Leo Plumb – Development Worker

First appearing in Glasgow in 2015, Leo continues to find inspiration by exploring the different areas the city has to offer. He joined the YCSA team on the back of his experiences in the public arts, outreach and education, where he worked with and alongside young people. As an ESOL tutor, he enjoys helping others express themselves and hearing stories from around the world. Recently, Leo spent time researching creative practices at the Glasgow School of Art. One question continues to follow him: ‘How can different community groups use the arts to discuss issues which are important to them?’

Fariha Thomas – Interim Operational Manager

Fariha Thomas holds qualifications at postgraduate level including in Urban Policy, Social Work, and Social Work Management. Fariha Thomas has worked in the fields of community development and equalities in Scotland, in both the statutory and voluntary sectors, for over 30 years. She has worked with a wide range of minority ethnic community groups, been involved in providing anti racism and cultural awareness training to a range of organisations, and undertaken research on minority ethnic issues. Fariha has extensive experience in the voluntary sector having served on numerous Boards and managed several organisations. Fariha served as a member of the YCSA Board from 2012-17 and was a Glasgow City councillor from 2012-17.