Message from the Chair

AsimAs Chair of YCSA, I have had the privilege of being able to witness how the Charity’s work can have a profound impact on the lives of vulnerable young people, their families and the wider community. It is deeply moving to see YCSA continue to flourish in times of such significant change.

I am pleased to report that we continue to deliver excellence in our services whilst working hard to reduce operating costs. None of our work would be possible without fantastic support from our funders, partners and local people participating in a range of our programmes, and grant-making trusts, who all continue to back our cause despite competing demands for resources and time.

Huge thanks also to our incredibly committed staff that work tirelessly and have contributed to a range of efficiency and effectiveness initiatives throughout our history.

I am most grateful to the Board of Directors, past and present, for their enthusiasm and commitment to YCSA and for the wisdom and expertise they have brought to the development and delivery of our services. Their decisions and leadership impact upon all the young people and families we support.

Finally, a note of gracious thanks to all the young people and families who have trusted YCSA to help improve their lives. We look forward to a future where we can consolidate on our work and develop new partnerships.

Tel: 0141 420 6600